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Advancing your Cloud systems

As businesses move toward the Cloud solutions, they are faced with many obstacles. Have they virtualized enough? Is their service management ready? What about security? These are a few of the questions which need to be addressed before a successful transition to the Cloud. Deciding whether to build a private Cloud or move to a public offering can be a daunting challenge. Developing a custom fit solution is a must.

Our Cloud Solutions provider a wide range of services following a plan, build, run approach, working with you as a trusted partner during the planning and sourcing phases. We apply our extensive expertise in planning and transforming client environments to Cloud systems with an array of services around construction of private Clouds, application development into the Cloud and Cloud transition services. Other services address questions pertaining to how to operate in a hybrid environment, leveraging private and public Cloud services and working with existing IT investments.

Cloud Solutions include:

    • Assessment/Roadmap Planning
    • Business Case Development
    • Architecture and Design

o Private
o Public
o Hybrid

  • Transition Services
  • Private Cloud Implementation
  • Public Cloud Sourcing Services
  • Cloud Integration
  • Application Development
  • Compliance and Security
  • Business Continuity
  • Disaster Recovery

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