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Managed IT Services

Fast growing companies look for ways to cut cost, mitigate risk, and improve efficiencies. For some, this means outsourcing noncore work to trusted suppliers. For others, it means utilizing a flexible contingent workforce that is capable of supporting operations in a cost-effective manner. Regardless of your company’s goals, an Outsourced Managed IT Services Solution by Experis can help you reduce cost, improve your work processes and mitigate the risks that accompany the use of contingent workers.

For more than 12 years, our Outsourced Managed IT Services Solution Practice has assisted global and local clients through partial- or full-outsourcing of teams, services, and projects. In a fully- outsourced effort, we assume responsibility for deliverable, processes and service level agreements. In partially-outsourced efforts, we provide experienced management support that helps mitigate the risks associated with the use of contingent workers. Benefits of an Outsourced Managed Solution include:

  • Mitigate co-employment risks through direct management of contingent workers.
  • Reduce turnover in your temporary workforce created by tenure rules imposed by HR or Legal.
  • Ensure your 1099/Independent Contractors meet IRS and state guidelines through our assessment services.
  • Outsource noncore functions at a reduced cost.
  • Gain efficiencies and cost-saving through our continuous process improvement program.
  • Improve IT life cycle management through our help desk and desk side support capabilities.
  • Support global operations through a partnership with a known, experienced vendor that possesses offices in 80+ countries.

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