Healthcare & Medical Staffing

Healthcare & Medical Staffing

Healthcare is an expensive affair and the excessively high labor cost is pushing up the prices further. For any healthcare & Medical Staffing establishment labor cost is one of the single largest investments which cannot be avoided at any cost. It is an accepted fact that there is a nationwide shortage of professionally trained health care professionals. In fact, this scarcity is aggravating day by day. In spite of resorting to many innovative methods to cut down on the cost no concrete solutions has emerged.

Urooj has executed many exceptional outsourcing solutions for the Federal, State, and Local level governments for the healthcare and mental staffing health services. We provide personalized solutions for hiring highly qualified professionals who have long experience in this field. We are very accommodating and innovative with the design of our outsourcing packages to assure an operative and cost effective solution for our esteemed clients. Our staffs will work towards comprehending the clients’ need and how they can actually contribute. We are not a vendor who charge for each and every solution but try to function together without much noise. We aim for a long term and healthy relationship with our clienteles.

The aspects that is included in our outsourcing projects-

  • Customized credential checks of the employees
  • On-site or localized project administration
  • Employing and retention of staffs
  • All-inclusive remuneration plans
  • Supervision of workforces
  • Payroll management

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